2021 investment

What to Invest in 2021 Financial Year

The 2020 financial year has just past. While many industries lost trillions money during the coronaries’ crisis, there are a few winners that make the LTH dance on the floor. The biggest coronavirus-panic-fuelled share price gains have come from antimicrobial solution maker Zoono (ASX:ZNO) which is now a 37-bagger, having spiked from 8.2c to $3.03 since mid-October. It has been overwhelmed with demand for its products since the virus broke out. The personal care products sector such as hand sanitizer stock and PPE product stock has gained over 50 per cent.

The best stock shares to invest in 2021 FY

In 2021 FY, we believe the personal care products will continue to grow as people now realize how important they are in live. We also need to keep eyes on these companies that working on the COVID-19 vaccine such as PharmAust Limited (ASX:PAA).

However, if you want to make money in 2021 FY, your best bet would be TECH, TECH and TECH. Just look at the Etherstack PLC (ASX:ESK) had gain 3083% from 12c to $3.7 in two days because they signed an agreement with Samsung for 4G/5G public safety.

We will be looking for two main TECH sectors in 2021 FY investment.

1. Anything related to AI technology
2. Cyber security

The AI technology is growing faster than ever in 2021 FY for two reasons.

1. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing people to rethink how to run the business without involving too many people physically.

2. The AI technology has shown great improvement in 2020 FY and now is the opportunity to invest it.

Amazon just reveals plan to build a huge robot warehouse in Western Sydney. It is expected to create 1,500 warehouse jobs, in addition to 700 jobs during its construction. But the robotics fulfilment centre will also reduce normal jobs or jobs that people are not capable to do.

LBT Innovations Limited (ASX: LBT) utilize the AI technology to identify MRSA by their APAS® Independence. It achieved 100% Positive Percent Agreement, and even identified a further 3 positive MRSA samples, previously missed by the microbiologists.

Tech company DXN limited (ASX: DXN) will be another star, their data centres offer a highly secure environment for mission critical computing infrastructure. With access to the cloud marketplace with a multitude of providers, only a cross connect away. At the heart of their data centre design is an innovative and unique modular that allows for secure. Personalized Tier III or Tier IV rack space for all technology infrastructure.