Affordable Web Hosting

Top 5 Affordable Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting is a kind of service that businesses and individuals often use when running a website. In terms of businesses, web hosting is important for current and potential customers when they want to need access. In other words, web hosting is for making your website or web page viewed by others. Hence, if you want to create a website or web page, you will need web host services.

It is easy to get web hosting services, although they are not free. You have to buy web hosting services and use them as a folder to keep your files. It can seem unnecessary since you can store your files on your device (computer, laptop). On the other hand, web hosts guarantee confidentiality and security, and no one can see your files there. There are dozens of other benefits that you will see by examples below.

Affordable web hosting

Web hosting is a versatile and flexible tool that you can use for different needs. We are going to discuss five affordable web hosting companies and their advantages to host a WordPress website.

1. SiteGround Host

If you need affordable web hosting services for your website, we strongly recommend having a look at the key features of the SiteGround web host. It is one of the most reliable and efficient web hosts in terms of support and speed. The SiteGround has four offices and five data centers around the world to support local clients better. Having 16 years of successful history and over 500 experienced employees, SiteGround is ready to meet your needs.

The most important feature of every web host is speed. Many businesses can lose thousands of dollars if their websites are slow. In light of this, SiteGround uses SSDs (Solid State Drive) in their services to enhance the speed of customers’ websites. In comparison with HDDs (Hard Disk Drive), SSDs are more durable, faster, and energy saving. By using SSDs SiteGround makes your website about 4x faster.

Another important feature that SiteGround manages is the WordPress host service. The recognition of SiteGround is high due to speed, security, and easiness. There is a set of commands that you need to perform for your actions. If you have any difficulties with your WordPress website, SiteGround’s specialists will respond and solve your problem.

What’s even more impressive is that SiteGround will automatically update the software if it is necessary. Hence, nothing can harm the speed or security of your WordPress website. There are 3 subscription plans for SiteGround: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The fee starts from $3.95 to $11.95 for a monthly subscription. For more detailed and deep information about this web host, you can visit the official website of SiteGround.


  • Fast loading due to SSDs
  • Professional team
  • Customer support (24/7)
  • Five data centers in different continents


  • Limited web space in all plans
  • Expensive when you want to renew your contract

2. Blue Host

Blue Host is also old and experienced (more than 2 million websites) one among web hosts. Moreover, Blue Host actively cooperates with a famous software company that helps to create astounding websites. It is a reliable and safe host, whose main goal is not only hosting a website. It’s more important for Blue Host to promote the safety and civility of websites. For these aims, Blue Host struggles against hackers, block every post related to pornography, etc.

Blue Hosting is one of the fastest and easiest hosts in terms of WordPress hosting. It will take a few minutes for the automatic installation of WordPress. Besides, you will have automatic updates on your WordPress account. Blue Hosting has professional WordPress experts in case of having problems. Thus, if something goes wrong, you will get 24/7 assistance from these experts.

Blue Hosting can be the best choice for you if you run simple blogs or small online business. There are three main WordPress hosting plans: Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. On the other hand, you can use services when you have stronger demands. Blue Hosting offers the WP Pro plan that guarantees a perfect and flexible website. Fees hesitate from $3.95/ month to $19.95/ month depending on your preferences. You can find more information about services, fees, guides, or tutorials.


  • Automatic installation and updates
  • Experienced team
  • Customer support (24/7)


  • The basic plan is too weak
  • Increased renewal price

3. VentraIP Hosting

VentraIP Australia is the largest privately owned web host and domain name registrar in Australia.

VentraIP offers more than a dozen hosting features under cPanel at all levels and reliable hosting solutions. With any hosting plan, you get 99.9% uptime guarantee and a good number of features such as:

  • Acronis hourly backups and restore.
  • Optimised for WordPress websites by using the built-in LiteSpeed cache which is a must-have WordPress plugin.
  • Free website migrations, they will move your existing web site, databases and emails from any other linux-based hosting provider simple and effortless with minimal disruption.
  • Fortinet hardware firewall, continuous protection that inspects every packet before it reaches your hosting server.
  • Free Comodo SSL certificates.

There are three plans available, Starter, Freedom and Premier, starting from AUD $8.95 per month, and usually you’ll get discount during signup. From 40% – 70% off. Here is a video shows how to signup and get discount. VentraIP also offers domain name registration, the all-inclusive domain name pricing gives you access to free features such as DNS hosting, web and email forwarding, and ID protection, that some providers charge extra for.

All plans have a 45 day money back guarantee.


  • 24/7 local support
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Optimised for WordPress
  • Enterprise-grade SAS SSD storage, super fast


  • Limited SSD storage

4. Crazy Domain Host

Like the previous web hosts, Crazy Domain also is an old host (since 2000). It helps not only startups but also established businesses to succeed. Crazy Domain focuses on speed and technology and, that’s why it established three data centers and cooperates with a professional IT company. Crazy Domain has offices and data centers in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the US.

Crazy Domain uses the latest version of the software and meets all standards. You can also manage WordPress hosting and create your website with Crazy Domain. You just need to do a few clicks to deploy WordPress software. In terms of speed, Crazy Domain uses SSDs that guarantees the fastest loadings.

Crazy Domain offers 3 subscription plans for its users: Economy, Premium, and Ultimate. These three plans provide automatic updates, 24/7 site monitoring, temporary domain name, protection against external attacks, unlimited data transfers. The fees are $5.32/ month, $8.63/ month, and $13.93/ month, respectively. The most eye-catching thing is that Crazy Domain has a 60-day money-back if you don’t like the plan you purchased. Customer support service works 24/7 regime and is ready to help you both with live chat and phone.


  • The opportunity of money-back
  • Data centers and offices around the world
  • Customer support and monitoring (24/7)


  • Limited web storage in every subscription plan
  • Relatively high fees
Com And Hosting

5. Kinsta WordPress Host

Kinsta focuses on WordPress hosts, and you will only host WordPress websites with it. Kinsta is more expensive than the previous three hosts, but if you choose it, you will have a high-quality WordPress website. As we mentioned above, the most important feature of web hosting is speed. Kinsta uses Nginx, LXD software containers, VMs, PHP 7.4 to maximize the speed of processing. Thus, you will not lose anything because of slow loadings.

Kinsta has all the necessary technical and management features to make your website perfect. You need to concentrate on growing your WordPress website instead of worrying about speed or website structure. If you need any updates, you can inform the Kinsta team, and they will take care of it.

Kinsta has professional developers and competent hosting engineers, which means that awesome technical support is guaranteed. On the official website of Kinsta, you can see the Intercom widget icon, and you will get professional assistance in case of having technical and non-technical issues. This web host has a variety of tools in terms of security. Thus, Kinsta offers three types of backups, 24/7 monitoring, SSL support, automatic updates of security issues, etc.

We have already mentioned that Kinsta is an expensive web service provider. Also, you already know that Kinsta focuses on only WordPress hosting. Hence, it should have many subscription plans for satisfying a large group of users. The cheapest and first plan is the Starter that costs $30/ month. The most expensive plan is the Enterprise 4 and costs $1,500/ month. All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Fantastic speed
  • Professional team
  • Customer support and monitoring (24/7)


  • Expensive plans: the cheapest is $30/ month
  • Only WordPress website hosting

Final Thoughts

Thus, we found out that web hosting is useful and efficient for not only bloggers but also for businesses. There is a myriad of web hosts that are ready to provide web hosting services, including WordPress. You just need to determine which one is suitable for you in terms of price and quality. The first thing that you should keep in mind before the final decision is speed. We strongly believe that if the grade of speed is not A+ or A, it will be better to ignore this host.

Web hosts aim to make your job easy and fast. You don’t need to apply specialists or any agency for hosting your WordPress website. Hence, you will save your money, time, and energy, and enhance the effectiveness and profitability of your website.