piggy bank the coolest gifts for kids

The coolest gifts for kids

It’s important to teach kids the value of money at an early age. A simple piggy bank can help them learn about spending, saving, and budgeting. Setting savings goals with them and start feeding the pig, or bear, or car.

Did you know that piggy banks have been around for hundreds of years? They didn’t start out shaped like pigs. Sometimes they were simply a pot or plate where people placed any extra coins they had. Whatever their shape, they’re the perfect place to stash your money away. 

Today’s piggy banks are crafted from of all kinds of materials including plastic, ceramic, glass or even unbreakable metal.

Many early piggy banks didn’t have an opening in the bottom. That meant the bank had to be smashed to pieces to get at the money inside.

In some countries, piggy banks are often given as gifts because they represent luck and good fortune. This is especially true on New Year’s Day, when a gift of a lucky pig is seen as a good luck charm for the coming year.

We found there are two types of the piggy bank in the market are especially popular in Australia. They are the coolest gifts for kids.

The metal piggy banks are unbreakable. Not only kids will love placing money in their new friends and you can watch their savings grow, but also they fit perfectly on a shelf and are sure to brighten up any room. Whether your baby is celebrating their first year of life, you are announcing your pregnancy, or your pup is celebrating his first holiday season, they are here to share your moments in style.

2. Initial Piggy Bank

These letter-shaped piggy boxes are crafted from a single piece of wood. Transparent glass makes it possible to see through the coin box and evaluate money saving progress. There is a lid on the top, where coins should be dropped. A perfect gift for a kids’ room.