mac mini 2020 review

Has Apple Fixed the 4K Monitor Glitch Issue on Mac Mini 2020?

Apple just released the new Mac mini 2020 version, with the Mac mini 2020 reviews all over around now. It’s surprisingly that the 4K monitor glitch issue is still exist in the new model. Despite Apple claims the graphics performance is 6x faster than the previous model. Many Mac mini users experience UI lag in scaled-down resolution in the Mac mini 2018 model when connect it to a 4K monitor, and Mac mini 2020 has the same problem when scale down the resolution to 3360×1896 and 3008×1692. Any well built Hackintosh desktop with a AMD graphic card like this one wouldn’t have this issue at all.

People are saying the new Mac mini 2020 would be a game changer in the industry and the end of the Hackintosh. It’s not true, at least in 2020. We think the graphics performance is still the bottle neck of Mac mini, the new Mac mini 2020 even takes more than 60 seconds to export an 8k .png file in Photoshop 2021, even it’s own Photo app has crashed / no responding several times when use the built-in filter options for an 8k image.

However, the Mac mini 2020 is super quiet, virtually silent in operation. For general office users, it’s the best one in the market.

We’ll continue to offer the Mac mini 2020 reviews with depth before you purchase one.