Free eBooks to Boost Website Traffic

9 Free eBooks to Boost Website Traffic

Have you ever wondered why your competitors get more website traffic than you do? You might have a well design website and even better content, but your competitors still gets more traffic than you. Increasing website traffic can be the most cost-effective way to increase your sales, which means you need a solid strategy for growing your online audience.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some FREE eBooks from the experts, they will help you figure out how to boost website traffic and increase online sales.

1. 11 Growth Tactics for Your Ecommerce Business​

In this ebook, you’ll discover:

  • User buying trends for 13 ecommerce industries
  • 5 ways to improve your ranking in mobile SERPs
  • 3 SERP features every ecommerce business should take advantage of
  • How ranking for featured snippets increased sessions by 285%
  • 10 best emotional triggers to increase sales and how to utilize them
  • 17 technical SEO considerations that increase site speed and enhance user experience
  • 6 hacks to successfully optimize your images for search and improve conversion rates
  • Effective link building strategies that have resulted in a 143% increase in traffic to the homepage and 10 keywords ranking in position 1 in SERPs

2. Competitor Analysis in Uncertain Times​

You will learn to research data and gain actionable insights from competitors’ marketing strategies. Step by step, you will:

  • Get a broader perspective of your competition;
  • Note any possible shifts in your rivals’ usual marketing mix;
  • Delve into particular campaigns and tactics in SEO, advertising, PR, content and social media marketing.

3. Content Marketing Checklist – 25 Things that You Really Should Try in 2020

Key areas within this content marketing checklist include:

  • Improving your online reputation: Managing your brand’s reputation
  • Analyzing competitor tactics: How to find inspiration from what rivals are doing
  • Find the best content topics: Using the Topic Research tool to identify key trends
  • Creating SEO-friendly content: Implementing keywords and managing content length and readability levels
  • Find your best-performing articles: Auditing your content to discover what posts are successful

4. In Data We Trust

After reading this ebook you will know:

  • What data is available on SEMrush
  • How big SEMrush’s databases are
  • Where the data comes from
  • How you can use this data to grow your online business

5. Online Reputation Management Checklist: 7 Ways to Use Mentions

This e-book covers:

  • How to prevent crises
  • Getting insights from customers
  • Finding influencers for promotions
  • How to evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness
  • Using competitor best practice to improve your own results
  • Finding user-generated content

6. Healthcare Industry Study

The study provides a breakdown of all the important areas of digital marketing, including traffic trends, advertising, social media strategies, on-site optimization as well as insights on how to outdo the competitors. Our five-chapter study addresses several points:

  • Helps figure out how to generate website traffic
  • Provides insights into top-notch digital advertising practices
  • Explains how to make your website flawless from a technical point of view
  • Gives practical advice on how to outdo your competitors
  • Showcases what people are most interested in and identifies the best ways to use this data in healthcare industry

7. Toolkit for SEO

Within this guide you’ll find guidance on:

  • Competitor Research: Keyword gap analysis, backlink analysis, website traffic analytics
  • Keyword Research: Keyword difficulty, keyword overview, organic traffic insights
  • Link Building: Backlink analytics, backlink audits, link building strategy
  • On Page & Technical SEO: Site audits, content templates

8. The State of Content Marketing Report

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 2019 Content Marketing Trends
  • The Most Expensive Keywords to Bid on in the Content Marketing Industry
  • State of Industry Blogs
  • Anatomy of Performing Content
  • Results of Content Marketing Survey
  • Top Required Skills for a Content Marketer

9. Top Tactics for Your Fashion E-commerce

Within this in-depth study you’ll find analysis and statistics to help:

  • Maximise output of PLA ads
  • Outperform your competitors
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Discover the best digital advertising practices
  • Highlight groundbreaking case studies within the fashion industry