Best Free and Paid Online Course Learning

Online course learning has a tremendous role in students’ life, especially in the times of the spread of COVID-19. Before the coronavirus, students usually had a chance to choose the method for learning. During these days, they had no other choice rather than to study online. Online learning is the most popular type of distance learning. It includes courses via the Internet and also known as e-learning.

Online course learning has a promising and brilliant future. But how and when were online courses born? You can think that it is something new since the development of technology is also a new thing. But actually, online course learning was created in Great Britain about 170 years ago. The lecturers in different universities used to send lessons and assign homework by mail. And now, we have the opportunity to study online with a variety of online marketplaces for teaching and learning.

Benefits and Disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages that online course learning has. Online education is perfect for students who do not like the traditional classroom system. Besides, the main advantage is that you can participate in classes that do not exist in your country. Hence, you will have an opportunity to study from wherever you are. What’s even more attractive is that the class schedule is not binding, and you can manage your time yourself.

Online courses are more convenient and flexible. You can receive all the necessary materials online and save your time. Also, all documents and information will be in the database, which makes it safer and easier. Furthermore, online learning is always cheaper than traditional classroom education. Besides, the universities will decrease their expenses and spend their money on mastering the instructors. Thus, both you and the university can save time and money.

There are several disadvantages of online education in comparison with traditional classes. The quality of the course process is not the same. One of the reasons is the absence of face-to-face interaction. Hence, it decreases the effectiveness of discussions and debates. Besides, you have to do more readings and other assignments in online courses since the lecturers cannot provide the students as much as in face-to-face classes.

But not only universities have online courses. Many online courses are available for students to study. If you need short online courses, you don’t have to study at university and get a degree. We are going to present three leading online websites where you can fully master your skills.

Skill Share Online Courses

The next online learning market on our list is the Skill Share online community. There you can find more than 27K video classes, 60K projects, affiliate program, referral payouts, etc. The Skill Share online courses include video lessons in design, writing, technology, photo & film, and other classes prepared for the future. It is great also for teachers where they can share their knowledge and experience and earn money.

There are some terms to open an account in the Skill Share courses. If you want to have an account, you must be over 16 years. Then you have to follow all privacy and legal rules and respect classes and teachers. Thus, your account will be safe and free from any illegal activity. The Skill Share community offers the Skill Share app where you can also take online video classes.

The Skill Share online community offers 14-day free membership for the Premium Membership subscription plan. If you consider that the courses are useful to you, you can take it. Premium members can pay monthly or annually and have unlimited access to all classes. The Skill Share online platform does not have any refund chance for premium subscribers. Besides, Skill Share can change the service fee without notifications.

One of the most attractive and useful things for Premium membership is the referral program. This program is for teachers who offer courses for students. So, if your students sign in with the referral link and pay for the first month or year, you will get a $10 commission. The Skill Share has also Student Referral Program, and you can invite your friends there. The award is one free month of the Premium membership for one successful invitation.


  • Safety
  • Mobile app for Android and IOS
  • 14-day free membership
  • Unlimited access to all online courses
  • Referral programs


  • No refund
  • Modification of terms without any notification

Udemy Online Courses

The Udemy online course creator is one of the most famous and reliable learning markets. It provides many useful and prospective skills for millions of students all over the world. The Udemy online learning and teaching market has over 150K courses in 65+ languages and 57K competent instructors. It teaches not only individuals for their future works but also different companies and even governments. Udemy has a professional staff of teachers and always does surveys for improvements, and students can also choose the instructor.

As was mentioned, there are more than 150K video courses on the Udemy market, and this number is regularly increasing. These courses don’t focus on one subject and include topics from finance to music. The average video course is 33 minutes and fully describes the mentioned theme.

The Udemy courses are effective and cheap. You can find useful courses for even $15 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides, the Udemy fosters the career of such famous companies as Adidas, Mercedes-Benz,, etc. These companies usually use Udemy for the Business plan, which gives additional 4K courses and 1.5K instructors. What’s even more surprising is that you can use the Udemy app on your smartphone. So, you can download your preferable courses and watch them offline.

Udemy is a perfect choice for instructors too. You can post online video courses and earn money when someone purchases your video. You can visit the website and click become an instructor button. Then you should pass some steps like plan course, record video, etc. If you have difficulties, the 24/7 support team will help you with the whole process.


  • Affordable courses with tuition assistance
  • Good fame
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support team
  • Udemy mobile app


  • Competitive instructors: you have to work hard to be the preferable teacher
  • No certificates

Coursera Online Learning

If you want to learn from professional instructors and master your skills, the Coursera online community is perfect for you. It is a top online platform where more than 62 million students learn. There you can find over 4.3K online video courses and 170 projects. The courses include not only short video classes but also many degrees that you can earn. Thus, several universities such as the University of Illinois, the University of London suggest their classes via Coursera.

Coursera online learning offers courses in data science, business, math, languages, art, health, etc. There are hundreds of courses that are free that consist of lectures, homework tasks, and discussions. But if you need additional projects and deep skills, you have to pay for them. The most eye-catching thing about the Coursera project is that you will receive course certificates for completing them. Thus, after these courses, you will have more opportunities to find a relevant job.

Speaking about the price policy, the fees are starting from about $49 for 4-6-week courses. It can seem a lot, but taking into account the quality and certificates, it is acceptable. Besides, it has a 7-day free trial and a flexible refund policy to fair users. It is important to mention that the Coursera has online classes not only for individuals but also for governments and universities. During COVID-19, the Coursera gives free courses to governments and universities to promote their progress.

The Coursera online platform has a different price policy in comparison with others. The fee depends on the users and payment graphics. For more information about each course, you can click here. If you need assistance with any issue, you can apply to the 24/7 support team. Furthermore, the Coursera has a mobile app through the IOS and Android. There you can download videos and watch them later offline.


  • Many free courses
  • Mobile app for Android and IOS
  • 7-day free trial
  • Degrees from top universities
  • Certificates


  • High price

Final Thoughts

The online learning system has a great future despite some disadvantages. Today students are inclined to study abroad in the most popular universities around the world. The online course learning is the most effective tool for overcoming the distance. Moreover, it is more affordable than traditional classes.

There are a variety of courses that students can choose. We introduced the three of them that are very successful in the global learning market. We strongly recommend registering in the courses that have a myriad of courses, flexible price policy, a strong privacy system, and competent instructors. Although the price is also an important factor, don’t focus so much on it since education is never a waste of time and money.