5 Golden Rules to Become a Prolific Writer

1. Write the way you speak

The best way to write is this. Although, you can model after some of the greatest writers in the world such as William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, etc. You can copy their style of writing, who wouldn’t? But, your writing must surely reflect your personality no matter what the purpose of the writing is.

2. Write in Bits

Great writing never form at once, its a collection of bits of thoughts as inspired. This is the simple analogy, anytime you have an idea, or an inspiration, pen it down, draft it. These bits will make up your writings.

3. Write with clarity

Communication is important, but the way we communicate is much more important. Words are powerful, but even more powerful is the way we put down the words. It must follow a logical sequence in other to convey exactly the information we want to pass across.

4. Write simply

Simplicity is magical. When you write in a simple, concise, precise, and brief manner, it helps. Don’t complicate matters by making use of big grammar. Avoid jargons, let your message be clear and lucid.

5. Write short

Yes, when your writing is short, it enhances and encourages readability. The reason is that, naturally, we, humans, have a very “Short Attention Span”, we are exposed to so many contents daily that we mostly glance through to see if we will jump on what will grab our attention. So, we tend to focus more on reading the headlines and the first paragraph.

Long copies are relevant in their territory too, it depends on the information you want to pass across. For example, copywriters make use of long-form copies more than short ones.